CDXC Chalenge – Rules for 2018/2019

The aim of this challenge is to contact as many DXCC entities or IOTA island as possible on the different bands HF, 6m, 2m and on the different modes over the duration of the challenge.

The challenge is opened to all people, members of the CDXC or not.

from september 1st 2018 00:00z to August 31th 2019 00:00 Z


a contact is a bilateral exchange between two stations duly authorized to emit. The contacts via relay, transponder, Echolink, Satellite are not authorized and do not have to be count.


All bands from 160 to 10m (WARC included) for the bands HF. The mode SSB on 30m is not authorized for the challenge. The bands 6m and 2m counts separately and have each one a separate category. For each band used, the respect of the IARU bandplans is recommended.

valids IOTA references for the challenge are those listed on the IOTA website (http:/// )

Each participant can contribute to one or  several categories:
Bands HF : Mixed Mode All HF bands (CW, SSB, Digi)
Band 6m : Mixed 6m (CW, SSB, Digi)
Band 2m: Mixed 2m (CW, SSB, Digi)
Island    : All bands (CW, SSB, Digi)

Points :
Bands HF: Each contact with a DXCC entity counts for 1 point on each of the 9 bands, whatever the mode used. The final score is the sum of the points cumulated on each band.
Band 6m: The points are the number of DXCC contacted whatever the mode used.
Band 2m: The points are the number of gridsquares contacted (JN07, IN96…). The field « locator » has to be filled to be counted.

The points are the number of IOTA references contacted, whatever the mode and band used. Each reference count for 1 point. The field IOTA has to be filled to be counted.

Only ADIF format is accepted. The log must be sent by e-mail ( ) at the latest on September 9th, 2019. Once the closing date passed, no additional log will be accepted.

Control :
Each log will be analyzed and the points will be deferred in the result charts. QSL are not necessary. However, the organizer reserves the right to check the veracity of the qso if necessary.

Results :
The results will be revealed at the CDXC Convention in Mejannes (September 28th, 2019) then placed on website of the CDXC dedicated to the challenge. The winners will be contacted by e-mail. All three trophies will be given directly or sent if necessary.

Check CDXC website for any news or update.

Contact: for any additional information, you can send an e-mail to

(1) Entities DXCC: The list of entities DXCC is that defined by the ARRL (

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