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The KH1/KH7Z Baker Island Story

What does a freezer full of underwear, 2,914 Nautical Miles and a little red rubber boat have in common?  A remote island in the middle of the Pacific called Baker Island National Wildlife Refuge.   Planning: The Dateline DX Association was founded in 1995 to mount a DXpedition to Wake Island.   Two years later members …

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Saint Brandon 2018 , la vidéo !


IOTA DXpedition to Solomon Islands and Temotu

By Cezar Trifu (VE3LYC)   Solomon Islands and its southernmost province of Temotu are separate DXCC entities, with the latter ranked #37 in Europe at Mixt, #45 in CW, and #25 in SSB, but higher in Western EU: #26, #29, and #24, respectively. Temotu was also ranked in Western EU #13 on 40 m, #15 …

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Compte rendu de l’expédition XR0YD par DJ9KH

After having been to Macau 2017 (XX9D) it took a while getting an answer on the (for us) always actual question : Where do we go next ? We decided for the Easter Island as the remotest island in the pacific triangle. About 2000 km from Pitcairn and 4000km from the Chilean mainland. Still an …

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H40GC Temotu, IOTA OC-100

retrouvez le compte rendu en français ici:  Article H40GC 2017 (FRA) find the compte rendu in english here :  Article H40GC (in english)