Sponsorship conditions

Sponsorship: Criteria and conditions for eligibility

To be eligible to a donation by the Clipperton DX Club, the applicant is required the following :

  • Submit a detailed request, before the DX expedition.
  • Respect the IARU recommendations.
  • Be in possession of a valid license, delivered by proper authorities, and obey the conditions of use in the destination country.
  • Favor contacts with Europe, according to propagation openings.
  • Reply every QSL request, including via bureau (as well as SWL reports), according to the applicant’s wish (direct requests will be answered direct if SAE and sufficient postage are included). The CDXC will not sponsor expeditions that will « QSL only direct ».
  • To upload (if possible) the log of the DXpedition to LoTW within a short delay after the completion of the expedition.
  • Upload a full log of the DXpedition to LoTW within 6 months of the completion of the DXpedition
  • Show the CDXC logo on the QSL card, as well as on the webpage if one exists.
  • If and when sponsors are mentioned on magazine articles, slide-show or video, the CDXC shall be mentioned too.
  • The applicant commits himself to provide an article along with pictures at the latest 3 months after the operation, for publishing in the CDXC bulletin, in the French magazine « Radio-REF » and on the club webpage.
  • Should a video or a slide-show be done, it is requested from the applicant that he provide a copy, so it can be shown during the annual club convention normally held in September.
  • Payment of the contribution voted will be done after the operation, and at the latest a month receipt of the article.
  • Should the non-observation of any of the charter conditions be noticed during or after the operation, the CDXC Board of Directors will be entitled to cancel the payment of the contribution.
  • Decisions by the Board of Directors shall be final.
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