Activité depuis la Corée du Nord

0f673bdff9747856553f6042aaccd710On February 28th, broke the news that Dom 3Z9DX had written permission to operate amateur radio from a VERY wanted DXCC entity.

Today, we can reveal that entity is North Korea (P5).

Dom 3Z9DX explains he has received a further letter from authorities in Pyongyang inviting him to a final meeting to discuss [and for he to accept] rules by the North Korean military and the relevant telecommunications department.

This meeting will take place in December with activity planned for January or February 2016.

According to P5 telecoms, Dom will be permitted only three bands (20-15-10) likely using a multiband vertical from a secured place in Pyongyang with two government supervisors over-looking 24/7.

Activity will last for 5 days.

At the moment this is a solo expedition to the #1 Most wanted entity using SSB only. He is working hard behind the scenes to get one more op (CW) to join him.

Please realise this project is a work in progress and try to understand that it may only be Dom who operates from P5.

More updates / website throughout 2015.

Any questions via Press Officer, Col MM0NDX.

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